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“Facts” That Are Actually Myths Explained

Dogs Don’t See the World in B&W and 40 Other Popular “Facts” That Are Actually Myths Explained

There’s a famous saying that goes: “If you say something often enough and loudly enough, people will begin to believe it to be true.” The truth is this is not just some inapplicable ancient wisdom; it’s a natural and observable phenomenon. Most of what we parrot as truth is just stuff we’ve heard so often that we assume it’s true.

Since we do not usually fact-check most information, we are inevitably doomed to repeat what we’ve been told erroneously. Sure, these “facts” sound reasonable and logical, but at best, they’re dated, and at worst, they’re myths masquerading as truths.

Thankfully, the availability of the internet makes it easy for any serious truth seeker to uncover the real truth. In this article, we will look at forty common myths — some of which have found their way into our everyday conversations — and the truth behind them as shared by the “Myth vs. Fact” Twitter account. Read on.


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